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The home root of GovTech.us is purposely unused to protect other more sensitive areas from intrusion.

GovTech.us is owned by our friend, mentor and stickler for "Standards", Stephen Benoit (64bitguy).  64bitguy's Avatar

Our Webmaster:
Most of the code on this domain (and sub-domains) was either written (or completely recoded) by Steph who has been working in IT/Telecommunications for all of his adult life (and most of his adolescence). Steph is presently re-employed by DHS/FEMA (since 2005); however, most of us know him from other IT/Communications Management roles at the Department of Energy, DynCorp, SunGard Recovery or via Consulting relationships with Fortune 500 (and hundreds of smaller) Companies. Our oldest members associate him most as Founder and Chairman of the National Association of Computer Consultants (NACC) and the architect of the World's first on-line database of Computer Industry Products, Services and Personnel (NACC-NET) which was on-line in 1981 (long before the Internet as we know it!). Steph has authored countless lines of Open-Source code that (at last count) is utilized by literally thousands of websites.

Obtaining Access:
If you have lost access to any area or are being dumped here by a forwarder, please refer to the email sent to all current users (to your registered .gov/.mil email address) regarding changes implemented on May 1, 2009 and November 1, 2009.

For project and shared gateway access, please contact Steph (or any moderator) directly, if you have not already.

As of November 1, 2009 the below list represents current project sites with new interfaces and URL addresses:

1CMS  (Government Use/Download Only)
Web 2.0 and 3.0 Framework Site
Government Standardization Board  (Government Use Only)
GovTech Launchpad  (Government Use Only)
GovTech Gateway  (Government Use Only)
Electronic-Open-Anonymous-Rant (pronounced: 'E-OAR') revamped framework October 16, 2009!  (Government Use Only)